We all have our own idea of the perfect heaven.
Now, when we die, we can have it.

When a neuroscientist invents a method for transmitting artificial images into the human brain and begins selling it as an alternative to the traditional, religious-based afterlife, people begin signing up for “New Heaven” by the thousands for the procedure that will grant them an eternity in whatever type of heaven they choose.
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Music City Murder is a novel with an original soundtrack of 11 songs.

Sebastian Long loves to sing, just not in front of anyone. A former New York City detective now living in Nashville and working as a private investigator, Seb decides to confront his fear during an amateur night at a local bar. Standing in front of the adoring crowd, it feels like a dream he hopes will never end. But a sudden, terrifying scream turns the bright lights black and Seb is forced to face the music.
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A picture is worth a thousand words.

In 1989, a Chinese man stood alone in front of a line of tanks, seeking an end to the violence against student demostrators. His image inspired the world. Twenty years later, one woman will risk everything to capture that spirit again.
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Daniel Rayne knows who he is.
It means nothing if the rest of the world does not.

His memory is clear. His suddenly severed identity, a mystery. With seemingly no means of proving who he is, he fights through the maze of societal convention, struggling to resurrect his existence, hoping against all hope to get his life back. It proves a daunting task until several clues surface, leading him down a completely unsuspected road.
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What happens on the golf course, stays on the golf course.
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A delicious whodunit, served over a steamy bed of history.
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A suicide bomber strikes a visitor-filled historical landmark in the heart of Chicago, but no terrorist group claims responsibility. There is a second and then a third bombing at other American landmarks and still the FBI has little evidence as to the true motive behind the attacks.
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For a teenage boy and girl, a secret journey to uninhabited Earth is a grand adventure until disaster turns it into something far greater…
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