Bingo Bango Bongo

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What happens on the golf course, stays on the golf course.

When Los Angeles mobster Max Torrick cleverly frames his former partner and fiercest rival for his own murder, the stage is set for his three sons to seize control of the City of Angels underworld. Inheriting his father s skills, Noah Torrick quickly rises to become king, his two brothers his court, and over the next thirty years they build their father s dream. Detective Harry Olsen wants the Torrick brothers locked up for eternity. But they re smart, hiding their criminal activity behind legal fronts. Harry needs help. One day, it arrives in the form of an anonymous email, delivering one vital brick in the Torrick empire foundation. Harry reasons the source a grudge, a vendetta to settle an old score. A furious Noah Torrick sees it the same way and vows to end it first. The truth will shock them both. Someone saw Max Torrick die, witnessing the whole bloody charade that within the blink of a terrified eye ripped their own world apart. Now, after a lifetime of living with the horror, there s only one thing left.