Day One

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For a teenage boy and girl, a secret journey to uninhabited Earth is a grand adventure until disaster turns it into something far greater.

Zeu, a young boy on the verge of manhood, has a great thirst for adventure. Each day he spends aboard his Wing, the large, graceful bird he has raised from birth, exploring the far reaches of his home orb where he lives with his father and older brother. During one such explore he discovers Etys, a beautiful and headstrong girl who quickly captures his attention, as well as his heart. Together, they discover the hidden truths of their ancestors and of the never-ending human migration across the galaxy. They learn of life and love and begin to understand the meaning of their own existence in the universe. Earth, a planet never before touched by human hands, tugs at their curious nature from its perch high in the sky, and as they secretly plan a journey to his crystal blue waters, a cataclysmic event alters their lives forever.