Music City Murder

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Music City Murder is a novel with an original soundtrack of 11 songs.

Sebastian Long loves to sing, just not in front of anyone. A former New York City detective now living in Nashville and working as a private investigator, Seb decides to confront his fear during an amateur night at a local bar. His self-penned song is a hit, especially with a beautiful young woman with singing talent of her own. They talk and flirt all night and just when Seb is ready to make his move he gets summoned to the stage for an encore. Standing in front of the adoring crowd, it feels like a dream he hopes will never ends. But a sudden, terrifying scream turns the bright lights black and Seb is forced to face the music.

Listen to the Soundtrack:
All songs written by Matthew Dunn
Recorded at KQ Music Studio and Beaird Music Group-Nashville

 Down To His Last Dream
 Sunday Prayers On Saturday Night
 Everything I’ve Got
 Simple Thing
 Pulling The Strings To My Heart
 Blind Side of Goodbye
 The Empty Room