New Heaven

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We all have our own idea of the perfect heaven.
Now, when we die, we can have it.

When a neuroscientist invents a method for transmitting artificial images into the human brain and begins selling it as an alternative to the traditional, religious-based afterlife, people begin signing up for “New Heaven” by the thousands for the procedure that will grant them an eternity in whatever type of heaven they choose. It can only be performed on someone declared legally dead but whose brain has been preserved. Overnight the suicide rate in America triples. Reacting, the government outlaws “New Heaven” contracts when suicide is involved prompting people to hire out for their own murder. The Pope condemns the procedure while instructing every priest in the world to denounce the company, their employees, and the very nature of the process.

The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, suffering from plummeting sales as people push their medications aside in favor of the “New Heaven”, vows to stem the tide, one CEO going as far as to plot a terrorist styled attack on the neuroscientist’s headquarters.

Caught in the middle of it all, a talented and beautiful laboratory research scientist employed by the neuroscientist struggles to prove that the “New Heaven” process truly works while her boyfriend, a well-meaning ex-Marine, assists people with their own hastened death.