The Dummy Sign

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A suicide bomber strikes a visitor-filled historical landmark in the heart of Chicago, but no terrorist group claims responsibility. There is a second and then a third bombing at other American landmarks and still the FBI has little evidence as to the true motive behind the attacks.

Rookie FBI agent Kate Wilburn finally gets her first dangerous field assignment, the investigation of a series of suicide bombings that are rocking visitor-filled landmarks across America. Each week there is another mysterious and bloody attack but no claim of responsibility. Although random terror appears to be the obvious motive, Kate senses a deeper plot taking shape, immersing herself into the case. Stonewalled, she grudgingly solicits the help of her brash older brother, Nate, a white-collar crime expert, to analyze the mounting pile of seemingly incoherent evidence. Despite tripping over their ever-present sibling rivalry, the experienced brother and wunderkind little sister slowly unearth the nearly invisible architect of the attacks, an unlikely enemy, who right in front of America s eyes, has been orchestrating the clever and evil-minded infiltration of a World-renowned organization for the soul purpose of terrorist proliferation. To stop the bloodshed and thwart the conspiracy that only they see, the two must take matters into their own hands.